First choice at Spurs, how did Victor Wembanyama take it?

Everyone in San Antonio has literally gone crazy over getting the first pick to the next Draft NBA. But Victor Wembanyama, the French baby phenom for whom this pick will be used, how did he take the news?

Definitely well too, who was evidently really hoping to end up at the Spurs. At the news, the young transalpine, who was attending the Lottery together with his family, was moved.

Immediately afterwards he tweeted: “Today was a good day.”, externalizing all his joy.

And then also came the first words that are a clear warning to all: “I will try to win the title as soon as possible, be ready.”. In short, landing at a franchise with a winning tradition like the silver-black one certainly pleased Wembanyama.

The Nanterre, a team where he grew up, pulled out a picture of him as a child wearing the Spurs jersey of Tony Parker, idol of entire generations of French basketball players.

A beautiful image to remind us of the “French connection” of the Spurs, always one of the teams most attentive to non-American players.

There are so many montages online of Wembanyama in a San Antonio jersey. Among the many, we report one that also features. Gregg Popovich who will have the opportunity to add to his legendary career: welcoming to the NBA a talent who promises to change basketball history.

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