Enes Kanter attacks LeBron James on record 40K point night

Enes Kanter doesn’t rest, even on the night of the achievement of 40,000 career points by LeBron James, the former NBA center has decided to attack the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. For years Kanter, who has since taken U.S. citizenship by changing his last name to Freedom, has been criticizing James as the face of Nike and therefore with so much business in China. The former Jazz, Thunder, Blazers, and Celtics player has always championed justice against authoritarian regimes: after criticizing Erdogan’s Turkey, and risking much by being considered a terrorist for it, he did the same with Xi Jinping’s China.

Thus, as LeBron reached a historic milestone in NBA history, Enes Freedom tweeted: “Integrity > 40,000 points.”. Direct reference to James turning a blind eye to human rights violations being perpetrated in various places around the world, including precisely China, so as not to affect his own economic business and sponsors.

Freedom remains a free agent, his last professional game being in 2022 with Boston. Certainly strange given that he is only 31 years old: the player has repeatedly pointed to this inability to find a team precisely because he is an uncomfortable figure in the NBA.

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