Bronny James will decide whether to apply for the 2024 Draft based on interest from teams

Bronny James, mainly due to heart problems, has seen his odds ahead of the NBA Draft drop dramatically in recent months. If a year ago there were those who even projected him to be in the Lottery in the 2024 Draft, today his name does not even appear, while he was placed at position 39 for the 2025 Draft by ESPN. These Mock Drafts were not liked by LeBron James, who on social media (before deleting the tweets) pointed out that they are in his opinion useless.

Rich Paul, LeBron’s and in the future certainly his son’s agent, has also intervened in the past few hours on the Bronny issue. Speaking with ESPN, Paul stated that James Jr will decide whether to declare himself eligible for the 2024 Draft based on the interest he receives from NBA teams. “I don’t evaluate a young player by whether or not he can end up in the Lottery, but more whether he ends up on the right team for him.” said the basketball world’s most influential agent.

Rich Paul also stressed that this does not necessarily mean that Bronny will end up on a team with LeBron James, something his father has repeatedly called one of his dreams. “LeBron wants Bronny to build his own path.” Paul’s words.

This season, Bronny James is only scoring. 5.0 points on average with the USC Trojans in the NCAA and has played less and less in recent outings. After a few contests in which he came close to 30′ of usage, in the last 4 he has never gone beyond 15′. With these numbers, it would be difficult for any prospect to hope to get picked in the draft, if not impossible. Given the name on his back, however, in this case never say never.

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