Teams with the best NBA record in calendar year 2022

Which is the best NBA team in calendar year 2022? Which franchises won the most games in the calendar year coming to a close?

I Boston Celtics are the team that has rejoiced more than any other in the NBA, despite a small downturn in mid-December, immediately erased by four, convincing consecutive wins to close out the year.

The Celtics totaled 60 wins, behind them the Phoenix Suns with 57, closing out the podium were the Dallas Mavericks with 55. In fourth place paired Memphis Grizzlies and Denver Nuggets at 54, out of the top five the Philadelphia 76ers with 52.

1) Boston Celtics 60

boston celtics tatum

2) Phoenix Suns 57

booker davis

3) Dallas Mavericks 55


4) Memphis Grizzlies 54


4) Denver Nuggets 54


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