Draymond Green: “No respect for Sabonis for how he behaved after Race-7”

The series between Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings has been mostly fair, with a bit of tension only in Game-2. On that occasion. Draymond Green had “trampled” Domantas Sabonis after the Lithuanian grabbed his ankle, getting suspended for Game-3, which fortunately for him the Warriors then won. After Game-7, however, Green did not have kind words for Sabonis, indeed criticizing his attitude at the end of the challenge. In fact, the Sacramento long man allegedly refused to shake hands with opponents once he was defeated, preferring to go straight back to the locker room.

I lost a lot of respect for Sabonis. If you don’t shake hands with opponents after losing, I don’t respect you. Once I left the court after losing Game-7 against Cleveland in the Finals, went back to the locker room and then thought, “No, this is not good.” So I went back on the court and showed appreciation to the opponents. You lost, you have to accept it. Show respect. That behavior was bad in my opinion. It was ugly. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I “lost respect” for him, but I don’t respect that kind of attitude.

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