The NBA playoff semifinals are already HISTORY: We’ve never seen these pairings before

The Golden State Warriors’ victory over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday is quite historic for many reasons. Aside from Steph Curry breaking the record for the most points in a Game 7 with his fifty, their victory also ensured that the NBA will witness one of the most interesting matchup scenarios ever.

Apparently, with the sixth seriem head, the Golden State Warriors, moving on to the second round, the NBA playoffs will have every seed represented in the semifinals. This is the first time this has happened since the league switched to a 16-team playoff format in 1983-1984.

The Denver Nuggets (No. 1 in the West), Boston Celtics (No. 2 in the East), Philadelphia 76ers (No. 3 in the East), Phoenix Suns (No. 4 in the West), New York Knicks (No. 5 in the East) ), Warriors (No. 6 in the West), Los Angeles Lakers (No. 7 in the West) and Miami Heat (No. 8 in the East) are all in the second round.

If the Kings had won Sunday, there would have been two no. 3 in the semifinals. Fortunately, however, the Warriors survived and booked their ticket to the second round playoffs.

It will now be interesting to see who among the remaining teams will advance to their respective conference finals.

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