Draymond Green explains why Wembanyama doesn’t deserve Defender of the Year

After the All Star Weekend break, Victor Wembanyama returned to the court supercharged playing the best basketball of his first season in the NBA. Thanks to his performance both offensively and defensively, Wemby has received so many compliments, and journalist Kevin O’Connor last week even predicted that, if he does not suffer serious injuries, the San Antonio Spurs star is destined to become the best defender in NBA history. Although Wembanyama is already a great defender today, Draymond Green doesn’t think he deserves to win the Defensive Player of the Year award..

The Warriors player, Defender of the Year in 2017, explained why this statement of his in his podcast The Draymond Green Show: “Wemby is 12th in the NBA in rebounds, 1st in steals. Those are great numbers and over the years, as his team improves, I think they are not going to go down. He will maintain those numbers and have a chance to win Defensive Player of the Year, but I don’t think he will make it this year. Even if Rudy Gobert wasn’t having the season he is having and Minnesota wasn’t having the season they are having, I don’t think you can give this award to someone who is part of the 24th defense in the NBA. On the other hand, if you argue in his favor, then you have to scale back the claims for Jayson Tatum and the MVP. You cannot say that the Celtics must first win the title to give the MVP to Tatum. Otherwise you are having children and stepchildren.”.

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