Kyrie Irving returns to charge: ‘Mandating vaccine is human rights violation’

Kyrie Irving was silent for a few months, we never heard from him again after the Nets were eliminated 4-0 in the first round of the Playoffs by the Celtics. A defeat “that humbled” Brooklyn, said yesterday the black-and-white point guard, in the summer the protagonist of many market rumors. Within a few days the Nets’ season will begin again, opening with Media Day and then continuing with training camp. This year, unlike last, Irving will be able to play all the games, including those at home, although he obviously has not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19.

And just about the vaccine is Kyrie Irving’s latest statement, which came in the form of a tweet. According to the Nets star, forcing or otherwise forcing a person in the direction of the vaccine and even the pandemic would be a “violation of human rights”. Irving refers specifically to the vaccination requirement still present in New York City for public workers, as announced by Mayor Eric Adams.

If I can work without the vaccine, then all my brothers and sisters, also unvaccinated, should also be able to do so, without being discriminated against, humiliated, or fired. This forced vaccine and pandemic is one of the greatest human rights violations in history.

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By now we are accustomed to the extravagant and often excessive stances of Irving, who over the months has made himself a champion of the battle against the Covid vaccine. After nearly two years, we may be seeing the light at the end of this pandemic even though only yesterday, September 19, 507 people died in the United States.

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