Diar DeRozan MVP: no one so bad at the free in a do-or-die game in over 50 years

We can safely say that Diar DeRozan was the real MVP in the Chicago Bulls’ comeback victory over the Toronto Raptors tonight. After all, his epic defense during free throws led the Raptors to an all-time low rarely seen in the NBA.

For those who missed it, Diar DeRozan, DeMar’s daughter, went viral after being seen and heard screaming every time the Raptors went from the free throw line to distract them. The strategy worked, with Toronto finishing 18 of 36 from the charity line.

Apparently, this is the most mistakes a team has made in a playoff do-or-die or play-in game in 54 years. The last time a team missed so many free throws in such a crucial game was in 1969, when the Los Angeles Lakers wasted 19 in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

No wonder why DeMar DeRozan was excited to see his daughter give them a helping hand after their victory.

The Bulls actually clawed back as many as 19 points from the Raptors, but still won 109 to 105. It would not have been a contest if Toronto had been more efficient from the free throw line, but in the end the team has no one to blame but itself.

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