Derrick Rose retires, but it’s fake news: Bulls commentator falls for it

Last night a fake account of Adrian Wojnarowski, the most famous NBA insider, tweeted that. Derrick Rose has decided to retire after 15 seasons of his career. At first glance it may look like a real tweet, but a closer look reveals that it is a fake: the nickname contains “fan” and there is one too many D’s in the @, even though the account has a blue checkmark (which for a year now can be purchased simply by paying). Many have fallen for it, not for nothing the tweet has tens of thousands of retweets and even more likes.

Among those who believed it, however, was a Chicago Bulls commentator, who broke the news live during tonight’s game against Washington.

It wasn’t until a couple of minutes into the telecast that they realized it was fake news, with Adam Amin and Stacey King joking that they had been fooled by the fake Wojnarowski. Derrick Rose to date remains an active player at the Memphis Grizzlies, with whom he has played only 24 games this year scoring 8.0 points on average.

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