Fiorentina has introduced the NBA “Player Option” into the world of soccer

There has been a lot of talk in recent hours about the deal that would have Luka Jović from Real Madrid to Fiorentina. Partly because it is a very interesting soccer transfer, partly because the contractual formula had never been seen in the world of soccer since we are talking about a Player Option.

Basically, the Serbian moves to Florence on a free loan for the next two years, so until June 2024, and if he is sold by that date, 50 percent of the future resale will go into the Spanish coffers. Nothing exaggerated, it now happens in almost all negotiations of young players to include a percentage clause on future resale. The curiosity is that, after these two years at 2.5 million net per season, Jović can decide to renew with a Player Option at 5 net per season until 2026. Of course you NBA basketball readers will not be amazed by this formula, but in soccer it has caused an uproar.

Certainly having American ownership made a difference in this negotiation for the “Viola.” Still, though, it was quite difficult to imagine this just a few years. Having said that, however, the world of soccer is getting closer and closer to the NBA even on the subject of contracts. Until 10 years ago it was almost impossible for a footballer to leave on “parameter zero.” Today it is the norm. Let’s say there is an increasing tendency toward a free agency business model. Although soccer needs to do player-trading (make capital gains on the resale of players’ tags), we see this with Inter, for budgetary reasons.

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