Why Bob Myers, former Warriors GM, would like Curry and LeBron to play together

Add former Golen State Warriors GM Bob Myers to the list of people in the basketball world who would like to see LeBron James and Steph Curry play together.

Curry is James’ biggest rival, as the two have faced each other in four NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018 and even played a playoff doubleheader last season. But Bob Myers sees the vision of a pairing between the two of the greatest of all time and spoke briefly about it during ESPN’s NBA Countdown.

“You know what I would like? I would have liked to see them play on the same team for a season. Yes, do you know why? They are perfect for each other. Forget that they are megastars and the most popular players in the NBA. Curry and LeBron, more than you might realize, complement each other on the basketball court. LeBron is the point guard, one of the best passers ever, and Curry moves away from the ball. We probably won’t get to see them but it would have been wonderful.”.

Bob Myers’ assessment is not wrong since even the biggest detractors of Curry and LeBron would admit that their basketball chemistry is perfect. But Myers acknowledges that it probably won’t happen. Although the Warriors reportedly explored the possibility during the last trade deadline.

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