Detroit Pistons fans chant “Sell the team” after 25 straight losses

The Detroit Pistons’ nightmare continues after the Utah Jazz inflicted their 25th consecutive defeat on the Michigan team.

The Pistons are within striking distance of the NBA’s single-season losing record. The 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers and 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers share a record of 26 losses without a win in between. The 76ers hold the overall record with 28 losses, a streak that began in the 2014-15 season and continued in 2015-16.

The Detroit Pistons finished 2-26, with the crowd chanting “Sell the team! Sell the team!” at the end, in a strong statement to owner Tom Gores and his company Platinum Equity. Detroit will be back in action Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Let’s see if the situation will improve but, if they managed to lose to the Utah Jazz reserves, not exactly the best team in the NBA, at home, it will be really hard to get back up. As they say in these cases, worse than this is really hard. But it is also true that there is never a limit to the worst, so it is not so impossible that the situation will get worse. Only time and games will tell if it really is the worst NBA team ever or will remain just one of the worst.

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