Danilo Gallinari reveals his future plans between NBA, Italy and retirement

Danilo Gallinari gave a lengthy interview to Hoopshype’s Michael Scott where he talked about present and future between the NBA, Italbasket and the day of his retirement from playing basketball.

As long as my legs hold, I want to keep playing, Gallinari said in response to a question about how much longer he plans to stay on the field. “When you love basketball so much, in your head you want to go on until you are 70 years old., but obviously the body can’t hold up at that age. But as long as the legs are there, the head is always ready to compete. I just need the legs and I’m good“.


“Of course I would like to play in the Olympics. I have never said no to the national team and I will never say no to the national team.. I am always available in whatever role they need me on the field. Matteo Spagnolo and Alessandro Pajola are two players to keep an eye on for the future. And on Mondiamo they did great. Unfortunately, they got Team USA in the quarters after losing to Lithuania, so it was not the perfect situation to play against them. ButI think they did a great job getting to the top eight in the world. Italy is on the map and that’s a great thing.”, Danilo Gallinari concluded.

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