Rocky, Nuggets mascot, earns almost as much as NBA player

Mascots have always been key parts of American sports and the show that is built around them. Even in the NBA, each team has a giant puppet that entertains the audience during breaks along with cheerleaders and other staff members. Rocky, one of the most famous NBA mascots, a symbol of the Denver Nuggets, is a mountain lion named after the famous Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, whose main peaks are all in Colorado.

Now Boardroom has also revealed the pharaonic salary that the mascot Rocky, or rather the person who animates it, gets. Rocky’s salary is ten times the average salary of other NBA mascots: gets $625,000 a year (the others about 60,000). This is a salary almost equal to the NBA minimum wage, ranging from $925,000 to $2. 6 million depending on league experience. Rocky’s salary is thus only $300,000 less than that of a player chosen in the second round at the Draft.

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