Danilo Gallinari ready to sign for the Phoenix Suns?

On the free agent list, Danilo Gallinari may go to the Phoenix Suns. According to The Arizona Republic, the Suns are interested in the 35-year-old Italian wing.

With two slots available after Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline, the Arizona franchise is finalizing a deal with Thaddeus Young, as reported by ESPN. Gallinari is a candidate to fill the second open roster spot.

As a reminder. the Arizona franchise had been recruiting the Rooster through Jusuf Nurkic, who had made a post on X where he hinted that he would love to play with the Italian between now and the end of the season and try to win together.

The Rooster is definitely among the prized pieces of the remaining free agents and thus would serve many contenders well, including the Suns, who have precisely roster space and need Gallinari-like veterans like crazy.

Let’s see if indeed Danilo Gallinari will join the Phoenix Suns however, we can say with extreme certainty that the news is there and should be kept in mind until he finds a team. Will Woj or Shams’ tweet be coming soon?

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