Damian Lee beats Dallas: freaks out Steph Curry, Paul George claims it was passes

One of the best plays of the second night of NBA was definitely Damion Lee\’s game-winner against the Dallas Mavericks. The hero you don\’t expect, as Lee was a walk-on for the Golden State Warriors last year. Instead against Dallas the guard went for double figures, 11 points, contributing to the Phoenix Suns\’ historic comeback from -27. His latest basket, however, was much talked about on social media.

On the one hand Steph Curry, Lee\’s former partner and his brother-in-law (the Golden State player\’s sister married him), went crazy and posted a video on social media as he cheered at the game-winner. \”Are the kids asleep? I don\’t give a damn!\” yelled Curry immediately after Lee\’s basket.

On the other Paul George questioned the regularity of the basket, which he said came after a pass violation. Indeed, Lee\’s use of the pivot foot is at least suspicious….

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