How many races will Draymond Green miss and how much money will he lose?

The Golden State Warriors are experiencing a difficult start to the 2023-24 NBA season. The Warriors have a 10-14 record after losing a heated game to the Phoenix Suns. Draymond Green made headlines for the hard foul on Jusuf Nurkic that led to his indefinite suspension. Now the Warriors veteran will have to pay a heavy price.

Green has been suspended indefinitely without pay, which will cost him nearly $154,000 for every game he misses, according to Marc Stein. Green and Nurkic collided during the second half of the game. At first glance it appeared that Green simply pushed Nurkic away as he tried to break free, but the replay showed something different.

When the officials saw the replay of Green’s foul, it appeared that Green deliberately stepped back and hit Nurkic in the face. Green later apologized for the gesture. In the end, the Warriors lost 119 to 116 to a feisty team like the Phoenix Suns. Who knows if this will be the last time Draymond Green will make such a mistake. By now we don’t believe it anymore.

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