COMMOVENT gesture by Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson toward his former coach in high school

New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson did not make much of an impact on the basketball court during the first two years of his high school career. Only when Robinson transferred to Chalmette High School in Louisiana did he begin to showcase his talents.

Butch Stockton was Mitchell Robinson’s coach at Chalmette and it appears the two maintained a friendly relationship over the years. Robison learned Thursday that Stockton’s wife, Dawn, died in September after 31 years of marriage.

Robinson then decided to make a touching gesture. He invited his former coach to move in with him in New York so that he would not be alone during the grieving. Stockton recalled the moment when Robinson invited him to live with him.

He said: “Coach, you no longer have any reason to stay in Louisiana. Come to New York with me and have fun.”, Stockton told the MSG Network. “Grieve, because I know how much you loved your wife. I loved her so much, too.”

Robinson and Stockton bond by watching movies, and the former high school basketball coach also takes care of the NBA star’s dogs when he’s away.

Robinson expressed gratitude for Stockton’s guidance when he was in high school and said he was more than happy to help his old coach in his time of need.

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