Christian Wood, misadventure that has the ABSURD with babysitter who won’t give him back his son

Christian Wood is not doing so well these days: he just injured his knee, will be out at least 2 weeks, and off the court things are no better. In recent days the longtime Los Angeles Lakers became embroiled in a custody dispute over his son with the babysitter to whom the child had been entrusted. The story is roiling to say the least and needs attention.

Wood has a son, the mother is Yasmine Lopez. According to the initial version, this girl reportedly left the baby with a friend for a few hours last Saturday. The friend is Tamera Kissen, known as “Tee,” a model and singer who became famous a few months ago for accusing LeBron James of cheating on his wife Savannah. The chaos began when Wood went to Kissen’s home to retrieve the child: the impromptu babysitter claimed that she had no instructions to hand the child over to a man, but that Lopez would return to retrieve him. For this reason Kissen refused to let Wood into the house, not knowing him.

Obviously as the minutes passed the player’s nervousness increased, the woman even videotaped him to get some sort of evidence against him, then posted everything on social media. “A friend of mine wanted to go out to dinner, so I babysat her son. Suddenly this man shows up at my house and tells me to give him his son. I never met him. He is the epitome of ruining a family and throwing away a contract. I would never give my friend’s child to someone I don’t know at 5 a.m., especially if the two of them are fighting. If you have a problem, you call the police, and that’s exactly what he did. Then, after the police showed him that the child was fine, he threatened me. He came to my door with a shovel, saying he wanted to smash my head in.. Thank God the child did not attend, that man is dangerous and not ready to be a father. See you in court! wrote Kissen, tagging among others the Lakers and Jeanie Buss, owner of the franchise.

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In her post, Kissen attached screens of iMessage, an alleged conversation with Christian Wood himself in which the Lakers player threatens her: “If I see you on the street I know who you are, you should have stayed out of it.”.

In short, in her version, the woman claims not to know Wood but admits to being aware of the bad relationship between the player and her friend, the mother of the child. After the incident and the post on Instagram (later deleted along with the account), Kissen posted a few stories. In one he wrote: “I don’t love the police, but I sure love Instagram, my phone, and my lawyers.”, finally informed his followers that the child was “safe with his mother.”.

Ended here? Not by a long shot. The The Neighborhood Talk posted next a video showing a woman, allegedly Yasmine Lopez, the child’s mother, climbing over the gate of Wood’s house and vandalizing his car, probably rifling it with keys. This incident allegedly took place before the altercation between the player and Kissen, indeed: according to this writing, Wood reported Lopez, who was then arrested. If this were true, Lopez on the night of the misdeed was not out to dinner but in jail for breaking into the player’s house and keying his car. At that point the child, up to that point with Lopez, would have been turned over to Kissen: hence Wood’s desire to retrieve him and the very altered tones used to accomplish this.

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