Monty Williams calls the non-whistle to DiVincenzo on Ausar Thompson an ABOMINATION

The Detroit Pistons lost 113 to 111 to the New York Knicks on Monday night after a controversial ending that infuriated Pistons coach Monty Williams. In the final seconds of the game, the Pistons were fouled twice by the Knicks, but neither was whistled, leading to Josh Hart’s game-winning layup. After the challenge, Detroit Pistons coach Monty Williams vented:

“Where are the New York reporters now? The absolute worst call of the season … We did it the right way, we called the NBA, we sent the videos. We’re tired of hearing the same things over and over again….”

The Pistons coach then continued:

“We had a chance to win the game. And they dove on Ausar’s legs and there was no call. It’s an abomination. You cannot make a mistake in an NBA game. Period. And I’m tired of talking about it. I’m tired of our guys asking ‘what more can we do, coach?’ This situation is an example of what we have been dealing with all season, and enough is enough. You can’t dive on a man’s legs in an important game like this and no foul is called. It is ridiculous and we are tired of it.”.

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