Adam Silver has a “DIABOLIC” plan to increase TV rights revenue for the NBA

The NBA is experiencing an increase in ratings as it continues to discuss the next TV rights deal, and Adam Silver wants to capitalize on this.

According to Austin Karp of the Sports Business Journal, commisioner Adam Silver, who promoted the NBA In-Season Tournament, which contributed to the slight increase in ratings, will adopt a unique strategy for the event this year:

“The league will aim to maintain positive momentum as TV rights negotiations heat up. My colleague Tom Friend reports that team executives expect the league to reach deals this summer worth between $60 billion and $72 billion, and that the In-Season Tournament will likely be ‘merged’ with the winning bidders rather than entrusted entirely to one network.”

It is not yet clear whether the league plans to distribute the NBA In-Season Tournament games among the various networks or allow them to bid collectively for each round.

Ratings are on the rise for the NBA (though not for all teams), but despite the massive amount of money the league is set to make from the upcoming media rights deal, not everything is going well for the league. Recently, the NBA has been heavily criticized for a lack of quality play during the NBA All-Star Game.

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