Nikola Jokic goes to games in a suit: “I don’t like how other players dress”

The more observant will have noticed that Nikola Jokic Lately he has been going to the arena for the games of the Denver Nuggets wearing suits. Against the Bulls, the last contest played, The Joker showed up in a plaid suit and turtleneck, very stylish. The outfit was also noticed by TNT, who after another MVP performance asked him about this new habit of his.

Jokic stated that he started wearing suits because he does not like the way his colleagues dress, and because the suit is professional.

I started wearing suits to come to games this year, I think it’s a nice way to present yourself. I didn’t like how other players dress to come to games. The suit means business, it means you came here to do your job.

In recent years we have seen a number of extravagant outfits in the NBA, especially before and after games. Russell Westbrook can be said to have paved a way, later traveled by most of his colleagues. It has come to a point that the most normal and ordinary looks, such as Jarrett Allen’s last year, are now making headlines.

“I just don’t like how the guys are dressing up for the games. Wearing a suit means business, it means that I’m here to do my job.”
Jokic 👀

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