Chris Paul is convinced he will become NBA champion before he retires

Chris Paul, guard for the Golden State Warriors, believes he will eventually become an NBA champion before he stops playing. CP3 spoke to The Why with Dwayne Wade, the new podcast hosted by former NBA phenom Dwayne Wade himself. Below is an excerpt:

“I think I will win an NBA title before I retire, yes, absolutely. I can’t even think about not winning a title, but I love what I’ve been able to do in my career, absolutely. I probably used to be a lot more stressed about it, but it’s crazy how things change, life changes.”, the 38-year-old continued.

Paul claims that, with experience, the idea of winning a ring is not the only thing he thinks about.

“My kids and my family are extremely important, but I don’t know, man, just being able to still play, it’s crazy here 19 years after my debut, in my 12th year there was something different in my mind. Now, at 19, I’m still in the locker room and I’m trying to give my teammates, some of them, perspective and not to take it for granted.”, Chris Paul added.

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