Jordan Poole gets traded — and cuts ties with Draymond Green

What Jordan Poole e Draymond Green did not get along very well had long been understood, at least since last September when the former was not the victim of a violent punch from the latter in practice. At that time something had been cracked in the locker room of the Golden State Warriors, with aftershocks throughout the rest of the season that affected the team’s disappointing Playoff run, as told by Green himself.

In recent hours, however, Poole, less than a year after signing a rich renewal, was traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for 38-year-old Chris Paul, whom at least for now the Warriors plan to keep. There are those who think that the basis of the divestment is precisely the poor relationship Poole had with the locker room, and it cannot be ruled out that Draymond Green, a free agent, has made it clear that he would welcome a departure from his now former teammate and then signing a renewal.

Fueling these rumors was Jordan Poole himself, who immediately after the trade stopped following Draymond Green on Instagram.. An important clue…

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