Boston sets NBA RECORD NEVER SEEN BEFORE against Miami

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have developed an intense rivalry in the 21st century. Yet tonight’s meeting between the Eastern Conference rivals was a real blowout for the Florida franchise.

In Miami, the Celtics triumphed 143 to 110 and produced one of the most impressive results in NBA history. During the 33-point victory, the green-and-whites became the first team ever to have five players make three or more three-pointers and three or more two-pointers.

The Boston team shot an insane 63.7% from the field, holding Miami below 45%. In fact, no Celtics starter shot worse than 46.6 percent from the field.

The Celtics also took full advantage of the 3-point line, which is coach Joe Mazzulla’s calling card. They scored 22 of 40 times from beyond the arc and came within just five triples of their all-time team record. Had the game been more tightly contested, they might have added another entry to the history books.

Impressive statistics aside, the Celtics’ real goal was simply to beat the Heat, as Miami has given them a run for their money in recent years. Just last season, the Heat eliminated the Celtics with a 103-84 defeat at TD Garden in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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