Will Draymond Green be suspended for stepping on Sabonis?

After Draymond Green’s incident with Domantas Sabonis in Game 2 of the series between Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, the question on everyone’s mind right now is: Will Green be suspended for his actions?

For those who missed it, Draymond Green stomped on Sabonis’ chest early in the fourth quarter after the Kings’ long man fell and grabbed the Warriors veteran’s legs. It earned Dray a Flagrant 2 and an automatic ejection, while Sabonis received a technical foul for his actions.

Following the incident, many called for Green to be suspended in Game 3. Several Kings and NBA supporters called Green dirty and a “thug” for the act, with many accusing him of stomping Sabonis on purpose to hurt him.

It remains to be seen whether the NBA will investigate the matter, but based on current rules, Green will not be suspended for his action.

The NBA has a three-point repercussion system for flagrant fouls. A Flagrant 2 gives a player two points and a Flagrant 1 one point. When a player accumulates one point more than these three points, he receives a one-game suspension. Any point thereafter leads to a larger punishment, according to Sports Illustrated:

2-point player commits a FFP2: automatic one-game suspension

Player with 3 or 4 points commits an FFP1: automatic suspension for one game

Player with 3 or 4 points commits an FFP2: automatic suspension for two games

Player with 5 or more points commits an FFP1 or FFP2: automatic suspension for two games

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