Ben Simmons commented on his (un)friendship with Embiid

Ben Simmons recently returned to the court after more than a year\’s absence due to the now well-known events. He did so in the preseason, playing 3 games with the Brooklyn Nets. More noise than his performance, however, was made by one of his airballs during an event organized by the Nets, which sent the Australian into a rage. Interviewed by ESPN, Simmons lashed out at those who criticize him for his poor shooting from mid-long distance. Before commenting on his current relationship with Joel Embiid, who in fact does not exist:

I don\’t talk to Jo. We never really talked — I don\’t think there was friendship between us. You can try all kinds of ways to be close to somebody, be their friend, whatever you want to call it, but everybody is made in their own way. So from my side it\’s not personal. I am not angry with him or hate him. He is made one way and I am made another.

Last year, when the Simmons soap opera in Philadelphia had begun, Embiid had been among the fiercest critics of his partner, going so far as to compare him to a wayward child in front of the cameras. In recent weeks, Ben Simmons, for his part, has not hesitated to point out how the lack of support from the 76ers and his teammates has only made matters worse.

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