Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook will come off the bench tonight

By Russell Westbrook as a sixth man was already talked about a few weeks ago when his stay with the Los Angeles Lakers was in doubt. However, Brodie has played all three preseason games so far starting in the quintet. That will change tonight, in the last contest against the Sacramento Kings before theOpening Night next Tuesday. Westbrook will in fact start from the bench for the first time since he has been with the Lakers. If the experiment goes well, it is not out of the question that this will also become his role during the regular season, with Pat Beverley or Dennis Schroder in the starting five in its place.

If this were to happen, it would be almost a unicum in the career of Westbrook, who has not played a game starting from the bench since his rookie season, that is, since 2008. Since then only quintet for the player, who played 78 games with the Lakers last year, all as a starter.

There\’s a hope that Westbrook can play freer and faster with ball in his hands on second unit — and have to worry less about fitting away from ball around the starting group. It is certainly an idea they\’ll continue to discuss with start of regular season next week.

– Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) October 14, 2022

That\’s not the only change for the Lakers ahead of tonight\’s contest. Anthony Davis will not be there due to back pain: it will be the third game missed this preseason out of six games.

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