Dušan Ristić: \”EuroLeague regular season better than NBA regular season.\”

Dušan Ristić, a former player of Germani Pallacanestro Brescia in the 2020-2021 season and now with Fuenlabrada, wanted to have his say with respect to the usual comparison between the EuroLega and the NBA.

According to the Serbian, the regular season of the top European club championship is more exciting than that of the American league:

\”Not counting the NBA playoffs, the EuroLeague regular season is the best basketball in the world. Period.\”

Not counting the NBA playoffs, the regular season of EuroLeague is the best basketball in the world. Period.

– Dušan Ristić (@ristic_dusan) October 14, 2022

Of course, it is a very strong statement that Dušan Ristić made, but the perception is understandable. In Europe we play every regular season game almost as if it were the last, employing the best players. In the NBA they tend to thin their phenomena so that they are ready for the playoffs. The defense you see during our regular season, for example, is nothing like the American defense.

Then it is obvious that it is difficult to make comparisons between the two leagues because they have two completely different logics. In the NBA more than every second team plays the postseason, in Europe only 8 out of 18, and the possibility of pulling away from the top is always around the corner. It only takes 3 losses in a row to risk not playing in the playoffs, especially since not all rosters are structured to play back-to-backs.

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