All the bonus details in Jordan Poole\’s new contract

Jordan Poole has just signed a contract renewal with the Golden State Warriors, extending his agreement for four more seasons.

Poole will earn a total of. 123 million dollars fully guaranteed but will have the opportunity to earn an additional 17 million, tied to the achievement of certain individual and team results.

Specifically, according to The Athletic, for each of the four years covered by the agreement, Poole will have these additional earning opportunities:

  • 250,000: playoffs + 65 games played
  • 250,000 dollars: second round playoffs + 65 games played
  • 250,000: conference finals + 65 games played
  • 250,000: Finals + 65 games played
  • 250,000: at least 52 regular season wins + 65 games played
  • 1 million dollars: regular season MVP
  • 1 million dollars: Defensive Player of the Year
  • 500,000: Inclusion in one of the top three quintets
  • 500,000: inclusion in one of the first three defensive quintets

In addition to the renewal, Poole also talked about the altercation with Draymond Green after making peace with his partner.

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