Chet Holmgren, serious injury suffered in recent days at The CrawsOver.

This summer, after several years, NBA stars began participating in summer tournaments again. From the Drew League to The CrowsOver, dozens of professional athletes faced off against each other in little games before the eyes of fans who often didn’t even have to pay for a ticket. Last weekend in Seattle, just for The CrawsOver, there was a match chock-full of NBA stars including LeBron James. However, the game lasted less than two quarters, suspended in the second and cancelled for good due to condensation on the parquet. Those few minutes of play, however, were enough to Chet Holmgren, second overall call-up in the last draft, to injury.

In the second quarter, while attempting to stop a LeBron penetration, Holmgren felt pain in his foot and walked off the court. Tests in the past few hours have shown a ligament damage in his foot., potentially rupturing the ligament itself. Holmgren will see specialists to determine the extent of the stop, which in any case does not appear to be short at all.

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