All-Star Game unwatchable? Not according to ratings that are up

L’All-Star Game 2024 was described by many as the worst ever: the record for points scored (211 by the East), the record for fewest fouls committed (3) and the record for most triples attempted (168 between the two teams) was set. In short, there was not even a shadow of competition, and fans on social media expressed all their discontent. Will the NBA do something about it? For years, Adam Silver has been saying he wants to resurrect the Sunday All Star Weekend competition, but the trend seems to be going the other way. The inclusion of an incentive could help in this regard, with players reportedly discussing the possibility of asking for financial compensation to take the court in earnest.

But while everyone is looking for a solution to the problem, TV ratings say a problem does not exist, or at least is not that serious. In total, the All-Star Game was watched by 5.5 million viewers (counting across platforms), a 14 percent increase from a year ago, an edition that had set an all-time negative record for the event. Unique viewers, on the other hand, were 11.6 million, up 20 percent compared to 2023. There is one mitigating factor: while last year the game was broadcast only on TNT and TNS in North America, this year other platforms such as HBO Max also aired it, and this certainly contributed to a larger audience.

As long as the trend is upward, it is difficult to think that the NBA will introduce changes to this event, even though it is highly criticized by the public.

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