Larry Bird, Julius Erving and Andre Iguodala had tried to convince players to play a competitive All-Star Game

L’All-Star Game 2024 did not seem to appeal to anyone at all, despite the fact that TV ratings in the U.S. market have risen since the disaster of 2023. The game was as usual devoid of defense and competitiveness, but perhaps even more than usual. Yet the NBA tried hard to convince the players to take the court seriously or at least give the fans a decent show.

According to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo!Sports, Andre Iguodala, Larry Bird and Julius Erving would visit players in the locker room before the All-Star Game. Goal: to emphasize the importance of making the game a minimum competitive. Yet the words of the two NBA legends and Iguodala, Executive Director of the NBPA, were to no avail.

After the game Jalen Brunson stated that the Eastern Conference All-Stars had set a goal (achieved) of scoring 200 points for the first time in history. Not exactly the epitome of competitiveness. Anthony Edwards, on the other hand, candidly admitted that he still finds the All-Star Game fun and thinks no one goes there to really compete.

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