A new video of Kelly Oubre Jr. appears to confirm his story about the incident

Last week the Philadelphia 76ers winger, Kelly Oubre Jr, was involved in a scary situation after rumors said he was hit with a car in a car accident. Oubre reportedly suffered serious rib injuries, although the Sixers basketball player is in stable condition and is working toward his return to the hardwood floor.

Wednesday night, however, Oubre’s situation took a turn when the Philadelphia Police Department issued a statement saying that no incident occurred at the Center City intersection, site of the alleged misdeed according to Oubre’s recollections.

Although police have made it clear that they are not currently charging Oubre with anything, this twist has raised many questions about the legitimacy of the former Golden State Warriors’ statement and whether or not he is telling the truth about how he got his injuries. But a video published by TMZ seems to corroborate Oubre’s story, namely that he was run over.

In the video from the front door camera, Kelly Oubre Jr. is in a lot of pain, walking with difficulty as he carries his bicycle into the house and emitting a groan as he clutches his chest with his right hand.

Sixer initially recounted that he was walking as a pedestrian when he was hit by a motor vehicle, with the alleged suspect leaving the scene without rendering aid.

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Of course, the presence of the bicycle does not indicate anything concrete, as Kelly Oubre Jr. may have been carrying it while walking when the alleged accident occurred.

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