Kelly Oubre Jr mystery: cameras don’t show the incident he recounts

In recent days Kelly Oubre Jr. had been in an accident, being hit by a car near his home and fracturing more than one rib. The car then allegedly sped away without rendering aid to the player of the Philadelphia 76ers. Or so it seemed. Eric Gripp, spokesman for the Philadelphia Police Department, said in recent hours that officers are not currently in possession of photographic or video evidence of the incident.

Instead, two employees of a business nearby told the Philadelphia Inquirer that they had viewed more than two hours of footage from security cameras present at the spot where Oubre Jr indicated he was run over. But no accident appears in those videos.

Given the bills and bruises suffered by the player, something must have happened. Oubre Jr was also transported to the hospital after the incident, but he appeared from the start not too lucid because of the blow he suffered. In addition, the Sixers wing only arrived in Philadelphia in the summer and is not yet very familiar with the area. There are several reasons why Oubre may not have given the correct directions to the police at the scene of the accident. Officers in these hours are continuing to investigate to figure out more and perhaps trace the culprit, the driver of the alleged car.

Meanwhile, Kelly Oubre Jr has returned to the gym in recent hours, a sign that gives the 76ers confidence in his recovery. This early in the season, the player’s impact has been very positive, even surprising: he has scored 16.3 points on average so far.

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