2 “EXTREME” sports prompted Boris Diaw to say goodbye to basketball

Former player and NBA champion Boris Diaw was a guest on The Benas Podcast, where he discussed various topics. One of them was retirement and how Diaw accepted and knew it was time to leave professional basketball for good.

As Boris Diaw revealed, one thing that helped him make this decision was his curiosity about different things.

I am curious by nature. I always like to discover. I knew I wanted to travel, to see different things. I was also afraid of being bored. I wondered, ‘What happens if I’m home for 10 days and I look at the wall? I love to travel. I could do it nonstop, basically. So I prepared for that. Scuba diving was another activity that I really enjoyed. And then I thought: ‘If you have time, travel the world but don’t do it by plane. If you have time, do it by boat.’ By boat you reach all the best places in the world. I went for an experience, took a sailing course and did some diving. I said to myself, ‘This is a perfect solution.’

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