Kendrick Perkins HUMILIATES Detroit using a comparison involving Beyoncé and Oprah

There are many impossible things in the world. Kendrick Perkins knows that he will probably never have a morning meeting with Beyoncé and Oprah. At the same time, however, Kendrick Perkins believes the same odds apply for the Cade Cunningham-led Detroit Pistons to beat Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics in their next meeting. He even said so publicly in his latest statement, via First Take on ESPN.

“I have a better chance of having breakfast in the morning with Beyoncé and Oprah than they do of beating the Celtics tomorrow.”, Kendrick Perkins said about the Detroit Pistons.

Cade Cunningham’s team is doing terribly and is now one step away from the deepest abyss. Now the Pistons are on the wrong side of NBA history after losing to the Brooklyn Nets. They have a season record of consecutive losses. The odds of stopping this streak are not good either.

Now, nothing is impossible and the streak could end. But it will take all the talent of the players and a masterclass from Monty Williams, coach of the Detroit Pistons, to prove that Perkins and the whole NBA moment are wrong to think that way.

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