Nikola Jokic’s wish after basketball

Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic, who is often talked about for his apparent lack of interest in basketball, spoke about his life goals after basketball. Speaking with Michael Porter Jr. on the Curious Mike podcast, the Serbian center talked about his ultimate life goals.

“To be famous, I think some people like that. I don’t, really. When I finish my career, I would really like no one to recognize me and for my child or children in the future to remember me as dad, not as a basketball player.”, the center candidly revealed.

Nikola Jokic also revealed another of his goals:

“Not having a phone, I think that’s another big goal of mine. To live in the moment as you said, to be a normal person, to go drinking with your friend or having lunch or playing with the kid or riding a horse and no one will make a big deal out of it…”, the center explained.

Jokic’s carefree lifestyle and his apparent disinterest in basketball have already been highly publicized in the media. He wants to get away from it all.

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