Victory by the Minimum of Pep’s

*** During Chelsea vs. Manchester City Pep’s squad did its job. The victory by the minimum leaves him five points from first place

Manchester City beat Chelsea 0-1 at Stamford Bridge by the end of date 19. The victory helps Pep Guardiola’s men to keep an eye on Arsenal, the leader of the league.

With a very good goal from Riyad Mahrez the score was set in the second half. It was a very close match in the entire half of the field thanks to the changes made by the Spanish DT.

This triumph brings City closer to first place. Arteta’s Arsenal tied on this day and the Manchester team was five points behind with the three obtained.

Photo: Manchester City. Grealish and Mahrez, the duo that changed the game.

Chelsea vs. Manchester City

First time very worked

The first part started with a lot of rhythm from the first moment. The chances were from the first minutes.

Manchester City made its approach to wait with the ball at their feet to force the despair of the rival. Chelsea was patient and calmly waited for the ball to come out against.

The bad news came early. In less than 25 minutes, Chelsea had two players injured. At 4 ‘he left the game raheem sterlingPierre-Emerick Aubameyang entered for him. At 25′, Christian Pulisic he also had to be replaced due to injury. Entry Meat Chukwuemaka.

Photo: WFLA. Moment of Sterling’s injury.

From there, Chelsea changed the approach. Instead of going low and fast, the aerial balls came to compromise.

The first shot of the game came after 32′ and was for City. Gundogan He was the one who tried for the first time from medium distance, but the shot was calm at the hands of kepa. He already warned that they were oiling the goal machine.

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Another occasion was at 37′. Erling Haaland He had a long ball into the rival area that he could not define in front of the goal. Control of the ball was long. The field was quite fast because of the rain that was falling in London.

The minutes passed and Chelsea returned to take center stage. At 42′, Ederson He became big and took a dangerous shot from ziyech that slipped At 44′ the burst continued and the stick was the one that saved Pep’s men. chukwuemeka finished off from the edge of the area and went to Ederson’s left downspout.

Thus ended the first part of the engagement.

Second time for the City

Guardiola began the second part with changes in the approach. They left walker and cancel to give entry to Lewis and Akanji. With this, Chelsea was locked in his area.

They could not get out because a great gust of the citizens at Stamford Bridge. At 50′, Ake he crashed a header off the crossbar. Minutes later, Kevin DeBruyne He had another chance and stopped it Thiago Silva on the floor.

Chelsea passed the shake and reacted. In a corner that was forwarded to the area after the rebound, it fell to Thiago Silva for him to finish off, but the shot went far from the goal.

Pep moved the bank again and gave entry to Mahrez ya Grealish for Bernardo Silva and Foden in the 60′.

City activated the machine. At 63 ′, he went out in a fast run with De Bruyne on the left. He unloaded with Jack Grealish near the box, ran a bit and crossed with his left foot for Mahrez to send it into the back of the net inside the six-yard box for 0-1. The changes worked for the celestial.

Then the game took a break. The occasions were minor, until the last minutes. The clearest was for Hall at 90+1′, almost for Chelsea’s draw. He entered the area from the left and finished off in search of the goal, but the shot went over the top.

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With that last play, referee Paul Tierny signaled the end of the engagement in London.

Photo: Manchester City. Mahrez gave City victory.

What else happened at Chelsea vs. Manchester City?

  • There were only two cautioned in the match. Both were for Chelsea: Mateo Kovacic and Kalidou Koulibaly.
  • Chelsea have two more injured on their list. Raheem Sterling and Christian Pulisic They will not be for the next games.
  • It rained throughout the engagement. The state of the field was not the best.
  • Four wins and a draw is Manchester City’s record in the last five games.
  • Six minutes added. Two in the first half and four in the second half.

next matches

Chelsea and Manchester City are going to face each other again, but this time at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, for the FA Cup. The commitment will be on Sunday, January 8 with the transmission of ESPN and Star+ESPN’s streaming platform.

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