Wrong name on jersey, Victor Wembanyama doesn’t take it well

Tonight, at the game between Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama played with a jersey that bore a spelling mistake. On his back it was in fact written. Wembanyana, with one too many N’s in place of an M. The talented Frenchman changed his jersey during the first quarter, putting on one that finally bore his last name correctly.

If this generated hilarity on social media, however, the same cannot be said of Wembanyama’s own reaction. Perhaps also disappointed by the defeat, the 11th consecutive for the Spurs now last in the West, the player chosen with the first overall call-up to the 2023 Draft said: “I don’t know if anyone was fired for this, but the Spurs did their job in checking my name. I don’t know, but it’s really a disgrace.”.

In short, Wembanyama, 22 points and 9 rebounds against Golden State, did not take it well at all, despite the fact that it was a mistake by spelling.

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