Woj blames 76ers for James Harden still in Philly

After James Harden decided to accept his $35.6 million player option with the Philadelphia 76ers, it has been reported that the two sides will work on a trade to get The Beard out of Philly. While the Sixers are talking with the teams, however, there has not been much progress on that front.

Apparently, however, the Sixers may be the ones with the biggest hit in this respect. Hearing the latest updates, Philly’s asking price for a Harden trade remains too high, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“If it were up to the Sixers, they would want to make James Harden excited about playing with them next season. The Sixers have talked to several teams about setting up a trade for James Harden. Their price is really high.” said Woj.

That demand may be what turned off the Philadelphia 76ers’ potential suitors for James Harden. However, it is also hard not to theorize that the Sixers intentionally set their asking price very high because they do not want to part with Harden. After all, the Beard is a superstar and it might make sense to have him another year and try to win a title together.

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