Will Steph Curry be in the Paris 2024 Olympics? Here is his answer

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry has previously played for the U.S. National Team, winning two gold medals in the FIBA World Cup but has never won the Olympics.

With his career nearing its end, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games could be his last chance to win the coveted Olympic gold. When asked if he will play for Team USA next summer, Curry expressed his willingness to do so for Team USA coach Steve Kerr, for whom he also plays with Golden State.

“This is the one piece of a resume that the coach always likes to joke about that I don’t have. He’s already recruiting for next summer. I will be rooting for the boys in this year’s World Championships, in the World Cup. They will represent the United States well and bring home the gold.” Curry spoke about the upcoming tournament on ESPN’s NBA Today.

“I have no idea what next summer is going to be like. It’s obviously an extra bonus that Coach Kerr is leading that charge. I would love to play for him any day of the week, so let’s see how it goes in summer ’24.” said the superstar point guard.

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