Will James Harden even show up for training camp with the Sixers?

James Harden’s desire to be traded by an NBA team is nothing new. He has done the same with the Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets. The latest team going through this experience is the Philadelphia 76ers. But they still haven’t managed James Harden, and Sixers star Joel Embiid is increasingly dissatisfied with how their offseason has gone. The team is expected to leave for the start of NBA training camp, but the Beard is mentally out of the draft, as we know.

That said, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski provided Sixers fans with more information about the James Harden debacle.

“It is unclear to the 76ers whether James Harden will meet them at Colorado State University … and attend training camp with them.”, reported Woj.

James Harden expressed his distrust of Daryl Morey after signing a hefty extension with the Sixers. The deal for his transfer is still in the works, but a roster replacement needs to be found immediately. This is in order for the team to amalgamate well during NBA training camp. Woj stressed that he is preparing for a move to the Los Angeles Clippers. Let’s see if and how this soap opera will end….

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