Michael Jordan becomes 1st athlete to join Forbes 400 richest Americans list

The Chicago Bulls legend made history once again on Monday. Michael Jordan became the first athlete to join the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. His net worth is $3 billion, according to NBA Central. This is a significant improvement over the $2 billion estimated in June.

According to Justin Birnbaum of Forbes, Michael Jordan sold his minority stake in the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets for $3 billion, increasing his incredible net worth in August. The amount represents a 17-fold increase since Michael Jordan became majority owner of the Hornets 13 years ago. It was the second largest franchise sale in NBA history.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tiger Woods are the only three athletes to become billionaires. Jordan still owns a small minority stake in the Hornets. His other business ventures include car dealerships, stock investments, restaurants and a tequila brand. Leonsis predicted that Jordan will take a more active role in NASCAR. The latter partnered with NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin and founded 23XI Racing three years ago.

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