Team USA, not just Durant: NBA phenoms who want to play Olympics flourish

Steph Curry, superstar of the Golden State Warriors, is the latest NBA phenomenon to express a desire to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics for Team USA.

“I want to play. That’s the one thing I haven’t done … I definitely want to be there. I want to be on the team.”, he said Monday Steph.

Joining Curry in this endeavor is Kevin Durant, who, along with several other top players, declared his intention to play for Team USA during the NBA media. “I’m going to play in the Olympics next year,” KD declared.

Tim Reynolds of Associated Press reported that Bam Adebayo, DeMar DeRozan, Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, Jaylen Brown, Donovan Mitchell, Khris Middleton, Julius Randle, Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, Kyle Kuzma, Zion Williamson, Kawhi Leonard, Fred VanVleet, and Brook Lopez have indicated their willingness to participate if summoned.

Kyrie Irving shared a similar sentiment during Dallas’ media day, and Draymond Green has already expressed his desire for another Olympic opportunity. Meanwhile, players such as Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Anthony Davis have not ruled out the possibility.

The participation of reigning NBA regular season MVP Joel Embiid remains uncertain, as he has not yet decided whether to represent Team USA or France in the upcoming Olympics. Let’s see what the roster will look like.

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