Will Durant really end his career in the EuroLeague? Mike James’ answer will not please you

In a recent interview with Achilleas Mavrodontis of Sportal.gr, AS Monaco star Mike James addressed several topics, shedding light on Kevin Durant and rumors of his possible move to Barcelona in the EuroLeague.

James was asked by the journalist about his good friend Durant and whether he would convince him to end his career in the EuroLeague, as Mike had extended an invitation to Durant to attend the playoff series between Monaco and Olympiacos in 2022.

Although Durant had hinted at the idea of ending his playing days in Barcelona, James downplayed the possibility of the Phoenix Suns superstar moving to the Old Continent.

“When he said that, I think he was turned into something bigger. I doubt he will come to play here, to be honest. Like all of us, he got caught up in the moment and enjoyed where he was. He probably said something, but I really don’t think he will ever be here. He just enjoyed his time here and said it to make some people happy.”, Mike James said about the possibility of seeing Durant in Barcelona in the EuroLeague.

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