Who are the eight women referees in the NBA

The upcoming NBA season will see the debut of two women in the capacity of referee, bringing the total number of female whistlers to eight. The two new entries are. Cheryl Flores e Dannica Mosher who join the league 25 years after the first woman ever, Violet Palmer, made her debut in 1997.

Here are who are the eight women who will direct NBA games this season.

She has been refereeing for nearly 20 years at the highest level, including G-League, WNBA and NCAA, of which she directed the women\’s final in 2021.

He has five WNBA and four G-League seasons behind him: he directed the last Finals of both.

She has been in the G-League since 2010 and in the NBA since 2014, where she was the third woman in history.

She started with the NBA in 2019 as an unofficial referee, list to which she was added the following year. About to start her third season, so far she has directed 49 games.

A former player in her college days, she also went through the G-League starting in 2016 and then quickly made her way to the NBA in 2018, joining the official rosters after a few weeks of \”apprenticeship.\”

She played softball in college, then gained experience in the G-League and WNBA: she also officially became an NBA referee in 2018.

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She played for Oakland University and Saginaw Valley State University, then refereed for seven years in the NCAA, then the move to the G-League for three seasons and the WNBA for two. Another referee who made his NBA debut in 2018.

Lots of experience in California high schools before a stint in the G-League and last year\’s big jump.

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