Where can you watch NBA Christmas Day 2023? A free-to-air competition!

NBA Christmas Day 2023 is getting closer and closer as the first two-ball is set for 6 p.m. Italian time between New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks at the historic Madison Square Garden. The big match is undoubtedly the 11 p.m. one between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics at Crypto.com Arena, formerly Staples Center.

But where can these matches be seen and which one is free-to-air?

The entire schedule of theNBA Christmas Day will be available to all Sky Sports and NOW subscribers. Non-subscribers, however, will have a chance to watch Los Angeles Lakers v. Boston Celtics, which will air on Cielo starting at 11 p.m. All competitions will also be available on the official NBA app for those who have purchased the NBA League Pass.

This is a wonderful opportunity because even non-Sky or NOW owners will still be able to watch LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers against Jayson Tatum’s strong Boston Celtics.

Of course our advice is to watch all the games on Sky or NOW if you have them, otherwise hold on until 11 p.m. for the highlight match of this NBA Christmas Day 2023.

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