Wembanyama, what does that have to do with him jumping to the NBA and not having to be a GM anymore?

The transition to the NBA level is not exactly the easiest for a 19-year-old to handle. Kids have to quickly figure out how to manage their time and finances so they can prepare for a prosperous future. But for Victor Wembanyama, the San Antonio Spurs’ young rookie, the jump to the NBA has so far been very helpful and even liberating.

Talking to reporters about the big change he has encountered so far in his short career, the Spurs youngster made a hilarious revelation about how much easier it has been for him to deal with life as an NBA player than when he was a member of Metropolitans 92, by virtue of the fact that there are fewer things to worry about.

“I have to worry about a lot less things. Last year I wasn’t just a player. I was also a GM.” Wembanyama said, according to Josh Paredes of Fansided. “I had to make sure the hardwood floor was clean before practice, I had to make sure my teammates did weights. I had to make sure of a lot of things. Now I’m really freer.”

“When I arrive in the morning, I know there will be physical therapists and coaches who will take care of me and remind me of the time of day. So my mind is calmer than it was last year.”, Wembanyama added.

That’s good news, because now Wembanyama only has to worry about being the best version of himself in the NBA. And for a 19-year-old, that’s pressure enough.

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